The name Wolf Den, or in Norwegian, "ULVEHIET", was given to the arctic cabin two years ago by our two sons, now 11 and 13 years old. The Wolf Den, referring to the wolf pack and us as a family. The Wolf Den was first built in 1947 by a local grocery store owner from Narvik. My fathers uncle bought the cabin in the early 50`s and my father`s took over in the early 70`s. The cabin was rebuilt in 1985 and my beautiful wife, Lisbeth and I, took over the cabin in 2015. During the next three years I completely rebuilt The Wolf Den, but it still has a unique and authentic Norwegian mountain cabin charm.  

The cabin 1974

Rebuilding in 1985

The Wolf Den mountain cabin

The Wolf Den finally done, summer 2019

Power supply windgenerator

The Wolf Den has its own off the grid powerplant that ensures enough energy both summer and winter.


The Wolf Den is located 40 km east of Narvik, 2,5 km west of the Swedish border, 60 minute drive from Harstad /Narvik Airport Evenes. 

It is on 513 meters above sea level (1683 feet) and 2 km south of E10 road, excluded from traffic noise. Klick on link for exact location on map:

How to get here

By plane:

The closest airport is Harstad/Narvik Evenes airport (EVE), 1 hour and 40 minutes flight from Oslo Airport (OSL)

I will pick you up at Harstad/Narvik Evenes airport when you arrive. 

The drive to The Wolf Den is 60 minutes.

By train:

The closest trainstation is either Bjørnfjell or Riksgrensen station on the Ofotbanen. I will pick you up at the station of your choice.

Riksgrensn Bjørnfjell


Visit The Wolf Den

Cato Bye Johansen

Bjørnfjellplatået 63

8519 Narvik


Phone: +4799402099

Link to The Wolf Den position on map: