Welcome to The Wolf Den! An all-inclusive, behind the scenes, unique and authentic Norwegian cabin vacation. Experience how some of the happiest people in the world (UN report 2019) spend their free time!

Your stay will be scheduled around your interests. You will have a local driver and guide fluent in English and Norwegian. The tour starts when you are ready; no stress! Your host stays in the annex of The Wolf Den and is available when needed.


Location is ideal, mountain views surround this beautiful, authentic, private and peaceful cabin north of the Arctic Circle, the place to see the Northern lights and the Midnight sun.

The Wolf Den mountain cabin is remote, but yet accessible, in one of the most spectacular regions in the world, above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. Unlike many lodging facilities we believe our guests`experience must not be hampered by an a`la carte pricing structure. At The Wolf Den mountain cabin you are a guest, rather than a lodger, visiting a mountain cabin and taking part in the same adventures and traditions the locals enjoy. The Wolf Den mountain cabin is the ideal place to get away from it all, to breath and recharge, but if you really need to check in, we do have WiFi.

Our ameneties are desigend for Arctic nights and early mornings - blackout shades, extra blankets and thick duvets, freshly made coffee, organic ginger shots and smoothies. We produce our own power from wind and solar, all our complimentary bathroom amenities are organic and we do all we can to set the smallest footprint on this planet.

Enjoy the all- included delicious authentic Norwegina cuisine ranging from a variety of seasonal products as fish soup, fishcakes, local berries but also specialized dishes from the Sami Laplander kitchen as Bidos and Soavvas with wine pairings. Daily breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and lunch packs to go. Unlimmited premeium beer, wine and spirits as well as soft drinks at your desire. Our dining experiences vary every day with outdoor dining in the warmer months. You will be asked about dietary restrictions before you arrive so that we can see to your prefrerences.

The Wolf Den sleeps up to 10 people, but 6 is advicable due to the size of the cabin.

You fly from Oslo airport (OSL) and land one hour and forty minutes later at Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes (EVE).

We will pick you up and take you to The Wolf Den which is a one hour drive from the airport.

Summer (from June until mid October) : We can drive all the way to the cabin.

Winter (from mid october until approximately 1st of June):

We park on a parking lot 20 minutes` walk from the cabin. You can use The Wolf Den Tubs, Snowshoes, or I will transport you with a snowmobile.

What is included:

  • All transport from arrival until departure Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes

  • All food and beverage at The Wolf Den

  • Prep and clean up after meals

  • Snacks and beverages in the fridge

  • Guided tours

  • Narvik Mountain lift tickets if chosen as guided tour

  • Viking Museum Borg Lofoten if chosen as guided tour

  • One set of wool underwear, top and bottom

  • One set of thin wool socks (summer)

  • One set of thick wool socks (winter)

What is not included:

  • Bar and restaurant tabs and bar entrance fees

  • Rental of ski equipment

Midnight sun

"The host will not stay in The  Wolf Den but will be in the annex on your beck and call"

Aurora borealis

"The host will be your driver, guide and chef, and will prep all meals and clean up after meals."

Sleeping like a baby

 The combo of really comfy custom made beds and fresh mountain air will make you sleep like a baby


Visit The Wolf Den

Cato Bye Johansen

Bjørnfjellplatået 63

8519 Narvik


Phone: +4799402099

Link to The Wolf Den position on map: 

The midnight sun from the porch.