The Wolf den November

Winter has set, November 2019

The Wolf Den power supply annex

Still some daylight to feed the

solar panels, November 2019

The Wolf Den July 2019

Summer 2019. The temperature reached 75,2 Farenheit


Frost and wind greets the winter

Winter mist
Rudolph and Dancer

Winter fog and ice crystals

Rudolph and Dancer on our front step

Full moon night mode
Mountain view Bjørnfjell Riksgrenen

Capturing the full moon in night mode

Mountain view. The red building to the left is the train station


Two happy "hammock pilots" enjoying the view and the music. The hammock easily holds two adults.

Interior detail
The kitchen in The Wolf Den

Interior detail

The kitchen where I will prep your food

Living room The Wolf Den mountain cabin

Recharging stations for humans on two floors. The hammock or the Italian handmade couch.

 Custom self-designed light fixture

View from the bedroom window

You can enjoy this view from the master bedroom. Window at the foot of the bed.

Sliding barn door

Sliding barn door to the bathroom. The door has a Lego key storage, a model of the cabin in birds view made by our oldest son.

Shower stall

The walk-in shower


The bathroom sink, mounted on a 100 year old table. Above an adapted cruice line suitcase from 1912, serves as the bathroom cabinet.

The bathroom of The Wolf Den Mountain ca

Walk-in shower, Norwegian slate slab floor

Cat and mouse

The cat and the mouse on the chimney

Old workbench
Old workbench

The old workbench with my mother`s downhill skis from 1954 in the corner

Hammock stairs

Lisbeth and the boys on their way up to the hammock

Bjørnfjell Riksgrensen

The Wolf Den in August 2019. We can drive all the way to the cabin from mid June until late October. From October until June we either walk 2o minutes, or use a snowmobile.

Northern Lights Norway

The Northern Lights on my way to the cabin, October 2019

The Wolf Den`s location

From the "Top of the world" hike, July 20th, 2019. Arrow marks the cabin.


Cloudberries ready to be picked

Riksgresen Bjørnfjell

Approaching Evenes Airport, looking east towards the plateau where the cabin is located

Ski parking

At the end of the day, skis and ski poles are parked in the snow

The Wolf Den
Our boys in the water

Our boys in the lake, summer 2019


Rudolph on the way to his herd

Looking west

Ceasar enjoying the summer

Lisbeth`s mittens, Easter 2019

Open space in The Wolf Den

Open space and easy access to everything. The boys` loft on the 1th floor. "The cabin in the cabin".

Norwegian mountains

Out hiking. The sun is breaking through the skies, October 2019.

The Wolf Den through my eyes

Rottweiler family dog

Ceasar enjoying the winter

Norwegian outdoors

My sister enjoying an outdoor autumn evening.

Norwegian Constitution day

Constitution Day, May 17th, 2019

Norwegian cosy bed room

 The combo of really comfy custom made beds and fresh mountain air will make you sleep like a baby.


Visit The Wolf Den

Cato Bye Johansen

Bjørnfjellplatået 63

8519 Narvik


Phone: +4799402099

Link to The Wolf Den position on map: 

The Wolf Den July 2019