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The arctic part of Northern Norway consist of a variety of steep alps rising out of the sea, teaming with fish to plateus or valleys with big rocks. It almost seems like they fell out of the sky or were put there with heavy machinery. The fact of the matter is that these rocks were dropped by the melting glaciers in the end of the Ice age. This is what it is like on the plateau/ U- shaped valley, where The Wolf Den is situated.


Although there are no wild living wolves or bears in the region, The Wolf Den is the natural habitat of eg. moose, reindeer, fox, lynx, wolverines, rabbits, and birds like eagles, owls, hawks, grouses, ducks and segulls. Of course, there are many more and it may not seem like much, but what makes living here special is that we have many of these amazing animals and birds right outside our door. The total lack of poisonous snakes and spiders makes this region ideal for hiking.


Northern Norway is not very populated so the presence of man`s footprint is very low. This gives way for the birds, animals, fish and sea mammals. Once again, thank you Rune Gjeldnes for some of the best photos of this region.



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