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On topo fthe world
troll lake
Narvik Mountain lift

Local hiking tour to the "top of the world"

Local hiking trip of own desired duration. Experience the fresh arctic air, either summer or winter. Either with snowshoes in winter or on foot in summer. The hike takes about three hours and is suitable for children from the age 6-8 years old and up.

Guided tour to the magic Troll lake (Summer)

The hiking trail to the magic Troll Lake (summer) starts a short 15 minute car ride from the cabin. It is an easy hike that everybody can do. We walk trough a Disney like landscape in a valley up to the mesmerizing and crystal clear Troll lake. The lake is fed by meltwater from the surrounding glaciers and you can see the bottom even at the deepest part which is 34 meters. The tour takes about three hours in total. 

Mountain lift in Narvik

(summer and winter)

35 minutes` drive from the cabin, the closest city of Narvik has one of the best alpine downhill slopes in the most spectacular World Cup circus. The breathtaking view from the Mountain lift restaurant has one of the best views in the region and gives you nothing but respect for these daredevil athletes. Downhill skiing is possible in winter and gluewine at the top if you wish.

Narvik Mountain lift at night
Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights

We do not have to go further than just out the cabin front door. The Northern Lights season is from mid August until mid April. And we need a fairly clear sky to get a good look at the Northern Lights.


Niehku (summer and winter)

Pending Niekhu`s seasonal opening hours we can visit this architectural gem and the fantastic people of Niekhu situated close to the Ofotbanen railway. Niekhu (means "Dream" in the Sami Laplander language) serves hot cuisine meals and sommelier wine tastings 10 minutes` drive from the cabin (in summer). The building is built incorporating the ruins from the old engine shed built in 1902. The engine shed was used for maintenance, turning and switching the locomotives.

Skiing Riksgernsen

Skiing, Riksgrensen (winter)

If you wish to try downhill skiing, I will take you to the local downhill resort Riksgrensen in Sweden,15 minutes` walk and 5 minutes` drive from the cabin. This is one of the biggest ski resorts above the Arctic Circle. You can also choose an optional guided cross-country tour in local surroundings. NOTE: Lift tickets and rental fees for ski equipment are not included.

Bjørnfjell Narvik Ofotbanen railway

Ofotbanen railway- rated by National Geographic as one of the 10 most spectacular train travels in the world!

Ofotbanen railway connects Narvik city to the rest of Europe through Sweden. It was built mainly to transport iron ore from the mines of Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik where the iron ore is transported to Europe by sea. It takes you from Narvik by the Ofotfjord and through breathtaking, beautiful and steep mountain terrain to the plateau of Bjørnfjell. At Bjørnfjell station we disembark and walk for 10 minutes to the cabin. This tour can very easily be combined with the Mountain lift in Narvik, and of course we can take the train both ways.

Daytrip to Lofoten (summer and winter)

Lofoten is one of the most beautiful places in Norway with it`s steep mountains, fantastic scenery and many possibilities. Eating fishsoup in Henningsvær is a memory for life or visiting the Viking longhouse at Borg Viking museum.  The choice is yours.

Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) tour from Narvik or Lofoten to the fantastic Trollfjord (summer)

Please let us know in advance if  you wish to go on this guided tour so we can book the RIB.

We will drive to Narvik harbour, or combine this event with the day trip to Lofoten, board the RIB and set off to the fantastic Trollfjord. This is one of the mandatory stops the famous Hurtigruta does on it`s cruise along the Norwegian coast. The boat ride takes about 2 hours and if we are lucky we will encounter the world`s largest eagle, the majestic Norwegian sea-eagle circling above our heads.

Picking the local berries

The blueberries and the cloudberries are ripe from mid-August. If you wish we can pick some berries  at my very secret spots. When we return to the cabin I will make you the best local desserts from my mom`s recipes.

Freshwater trout

Fishing (summer and winter)

There are several montain lakes close to the cabin. The two closest are 15 meters to the east and 15 meters to the west of the cabin. They both have freshwater trout but they are shy and not an easy catch. But if you have the patience, I have the fishing gear. Life does not get much better than ice fishing below the Northern Lights.

Close to the small town of Harstad there are several opportunities for hiking and beautiful experiences. The mountain Elgen is a memory for life and the place called Nupen is rated Norway`s most romantic place with a spectacular midnight sun and ocean view.

Harstad is a calm town with some really unique boutiques like the furrier Ellen at Ellens Pelsstudio

where you can buy handcrafted fur products, knitwear, shoes and outdoor clothing.

Other shops worth mentioning are Parabolflua, a modern sporting equipment store, Paletten an art gallery

with Norwegian art, Vakre vene with women`s clothing and Juvelen Spa, hairdresser and spa.

Harstad has a historical center with various nice tours and attractions.

Shopping and hiking around Harstad

Keipen Harstad


Visit The Wolf Den

Cato Bye Johansen

Bjørnfjellplatået 63

8519 Narvik


Phone: +4799402099

Link to The Wolf Den position on map: 

Narvik Mountain lift