Article in CEO World magazine.

February 24 th 2020, the CEO of CEO World Magazine, Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj published an article about The Wolf Den mountian cabin and Visit Nordsyn. Here is the link to the article: 

My visit to The Wolf Den January 2019.

I really would like to recommend the host, Cato and his cabin The Wolf Den! It is a traditional cabin renovated to a modern standards. The cabin and the landscape is excellent. The hosts are very service minded and their knowledge of the surroundnig landscape is fenomenal. The Northern Lights are always fascinating, even for a Norwegian. The food was fantastic, especially the reindeer Souvas dish! He is an excellent chef, all in all a fantastic stay. I will return soon.

- Pål Arild Larsen, Tromsø

We`ve visited The Wolf Den on several occations, both summer and winter. This must be the most authentic cabin ever. Lisbeth and Cato have been tremendous hosts every time we`ve visited. Plenty of great moments, but the best thing is the opportunity to breath and relax with no stress. The beds are amazing and we sleep like babies when we`re  at The Wolf Den. We`ll never forget canoeing on the nearby lakes, hiking in the amazing landscape with fantastic views accompanied by the midnight sun, or the mesmerizing Troll lake in the summer. Our absolute favourite winter memory is sitting outside The Wolf Den on reindeer skins, watching the Northern Lights dancing across the skies. Oh, and the food... we don`t  know where to start. All the delicious meals, including lunch to go are served and prepared with love, care and devotion. If you need an off-the grid, no-stress vacation, extraordinary hospitality, sightseeing to some of the best places Norway can offer, then you are up for a treat! 

- Rainer Vasshaug, Linde Lorentsen and Johanna, Harstad

Article in the Norwegian cabin magazine Hyttemagasinet.

:The Wolf Den mountain cabin was in an article in the Norwgian cabin magazine Hyttemagsinet nr 2, 2020. Here is an image of the article.