Norwegian lefse

The menu will consist of traditional Norwegian food. Prep and cleanup of meals is included. 

Specials are my mother`s recipe fish soup and fishcakes, but also specialized dishes from the Sami Laplander kitchen like Bidos and Soavas with reindeer meat and wine that compliments the meal. I buy some of the best reindeer meet in Scandinavia from the free moving reindeeer herds in Karesuoando, Sweeden. 


All our products are from Scandinavian producers and the bakery products, desserts and jams are homemade. The fish served comes from either Lofoten or Vesterålen and is bought straight from the fishing vessels before frozen in containers and brought up to the cabin. Or we fish it ourselves.

The lunch and breakfast menus:

Salmon, eggs, sausage, bacon, jams, salads, cheesee, yogurt and always fresh baked homemade bread or rolls, coffe, juice, tea, milk or smoothies. How about starting the day with my special and healthy ginger shot?

Dinner menus:

Fish, fish soup, fishcakes, meatcakes ,duck, chicken, veil, pork tenderloin, reindeer tenderloin, Bidos, Soavas, grill food, salads, water, sparkling water, wine and beer


Snacks: Waffles with sourcream and homemade jam from handpicked local berries or classic Norwegian cakes, lefse, fruit and nuts,

Packed lunch or snacks to go as you choose.

Please note:

Restaurant bills and bars tabs/bar entrance fees are not include!

Freshwater trout

Theo cought a freshwater trout outside the cabin in the midnight sun

Norwegian fishcakes
Norwegian fish soup

My mother`s fishsoup recipe

De Buyer pans at The Wolf Den

My de Buyer pans are ready to get patina from cooking

My mother`s fishcake recipe

Yellow tea

Fresh and clean mountain water from Norwegian Glaciers or the clean local underground fresh water. Juice or smoothies from local berries blended with fruits. How about trying my special homemade ginger shot as a starter of the day?


Yellow, green, black or white Tea, your choice 

My day never starts without coffee. I can either make it in my splendid coffemachine or a special bonfire version.

Duck breast

Duck breast with vegetables, truffle based sauce and baked Norwegian potatoes.

Rein deer tenderloin

Reindeer tenderloin and reindeer meatballs, home made full cream sauce and butter fried onions and mushrooms sprinkled with cheese.

Blueberries and cloudberries
Cloudberry jam

Cloudberries and blueberries are picked and we use them to make dessert or very delicious jams.

Norwegian waffles

Red, white and blue, the colur of the flag, waffles with vanila custard served on the Constitution Day, May 17th 2019.

North Norwegian strawberries

Our fresh picked strawberries from our yard, 1 hour and 50 minutes drive from the cabin.

Almond tower cake

My sisters almond tower cake.

Homemade ice cream

Homemade ice cream with fresh picked strawberries, added blackberries and blueberries.


Homemade almond and dark chocolate truffles sprinkled with milkchokolate powder.

Pavlovafilled with a variety of berries.

Variety of pies

My variety of pies, some with raindeer tenderloin.

Fresh baked bread

We will serve you freshbaked bread and rolls.

Homemade rolls

Breakfast or lunch rolls with Lofoten salmon/eggs, homemade herringsalad and porktenderloin/mayo/mustard and vegetables.

Traditional Norwgian Nowegian lefse

Traditional Norwegian homemade lefse.


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Fresh baked bread